Chapter 7. Appendix

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About maemo-launcher

maemo-launcher is a tool to decrease the start-up time of GTK+ and thus gtkmm and maemomm applications. It runs as a daemon and initialises as much as possible before your application begins to start. When a new application is started it is forked from the daemon process, so it starts faster because the initialisation is already complete.

About boosters

maemo-launcher supports multiple booster modules which are responsible for the initialisation of various libraries. By default, maemo-launcher only supplies a GTK+ booster but a gtkmm and maemomm booster are available from the maemo extras repository (see the section called “Prebuilt packages”)

# fakeroot apt-get install maemomm-booster

To use the boosters you must specify them when starting maemo-launcher via the command line like

maemo-launcher --send-app-died --daemon --booster gtk,gtkmm,maemomm

[Note] Note

Please arrange the list so that underlying libraries are positioned first and derived libraries afterwards. For instance, the normal order would be gtk, gtkmm, maemomm.

If you are using the Maemo SDK you can change the option in /etc/init.d/maemo-launcher to look like

DAEMON_BASE_OPTS="--daemon --send-app-died --booster gtk,gtkmm,maemomm"

so that extra boosters are started automatically when the Maemo desktop is started via:

af-sb-init start

Preparing an application to run with maemo-launcher

As maemo-launcher tries to load the application using dlopen, it must be linked with the -shared and -rdynamic flags. If you are using automake then you can add the following to your (replacing program with the actual name)

program_CFLAGS = -shared
program_LDFLAGS = -shared -rdynamic
[Note] Note

However, when you build your application with these options you will no longer be able to run it standalone.

To run the maemo-launcher enabled application, use maemo-invoker, like

maemo-invoker full/path/to/your/application

Your Debian package should install your application executable as progname.launch and install a shell script progname which calls maemo-invoker. This script could look like

exec maemo-invoker /usr/bin/progname.launch "$@"

Build Debian packages with launcher support

These three code snippets could be interesting if you want to build Debian packages. Add them to the appropriate section in the debian/rules file. The first snippet belongs in the global section

ifeq "$(strip $(LAUNCHER))" "yes"
        LAUNCHER_DEPENDS = -Vlauncher:Depends="maemo-launcher"
        LAUNCHER_CFLAGS = -shared
        LAUNCHER_LDFLAGS = -pie -shared -export-dynamic


        # commands to compile the package.
        $(MAKE) \
        touch build-stamp


ifeq "$(strip $(LAUNCHER))" "yes"
        mv $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/usr/bin/progname \
        ln -s /usr/bin/maemo-invoker \

To build with launcher support, supply LAUNCHER=yes to the dpkg-buildpackage command line.