Header files and linking

To use the maemomm APIs, you must include the headers for the hildonmm and hildon-fmmm libraries, and link to their shared libraries. The necessary compiler and linker commands can be obtained from the pkg-config utility like

# pkg-config hildonmm hildon-fmmm --cflags
# pkg-config hildonmm hildon-fmmm --libs

However, if you are using the autotools (automake, autoconf, etc.) build system, you will find it more convenient to use the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro in your configure.ac file.

PKG_CHECK_MODULES(EXAMPLE, hildonmm hildon-fmmm)

You should then use the generated _CFLAGS and _LIBS definitions in your Makefile.am files. The maemomm-helloworld source package provides a full example.