Installing from source

After you have installed all of the dependencies, download the maemomm source code, unpack it, and change to the newly created directory. maemomm can be built and installed with the following sequence of commands

# ./configure
# make
# make install

[Note] Note

Remember that to install in Scratchbox or directly on your Nokia N770/N800/N810/N900 you will need to use fakeroot.

The configure script will check to make sure all of the required dependencies are already installed. If you are missing any dependencies it will exit and display an error.

By default, maemomm will be installed under the /usr/local directory. In Maemo it might be better to use --prefix option with configure, instead

# ./configure --prefix=/usr

If you want to help develop maemomm or experiment with new features, you can also install maemomm from Git. It is available from


Before attempting to build maemomm from source, you should first install these other modules:

  • GTK+

  • hildon-1

  • hildon-fm

  • libsigc++

  • glibmm

  • gtkmm

These dependencies have their own dependencies, including the following applications and libraries:

  • pkg-config

  • glib

  • ATK

  • Pango